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In 2024, Inkermezzo will be releasing a fully drawn deck of cards featuring 54 classical composers, all completed with gray, black, and white ink. Each portrait is surrounded by music that represents a composers' assigned number (opus, symphony, etc). An accompanying playlist is available on Apple Music and Spotify. The deck will be available for purchase internationally. To sign up for notifications about the deck, click here.

The project began as a weekly goal in 2023 - to draw one composer portrait per week. The project became delayed due to the birth of the artist's son. 

The numbering and face cards are carefully selected (subjectively):

Aces: Baroque "Royals"

Kings: Classical "Royals"

Queens: Romantic "Royals"

Jacks: 20th Century "Royals"

Numbered Cards: Significant opus numbers, symphonies, quartets, etc.

Select cards are available for limited edition prints with gold or silver leaf on

Card Portfolio
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