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Inkermezzo joins SOLA (Strings of Latin-America)

Megan Chartier (Inkermezzo) has joined the founding team of SOLA (Strings of Latin-America) with members Horacio Contreras (Artistic Director), Natali Herrera-Pacheco (Director of Research), Germán Marcano (Research Consultant), and Adalús Low Manzini (Digital Content Creator).

Strings of Latin America (SOLA) is an official partner to The Sphinx Organization with the purpose of social engagement through the promotion of diversity in the classical music world. We work to enhance the visibility of the repertoire for string instruments, including chamber music, such as trio and quartets, written by Latin American composers. We do so through the cataloging of works, pedagogic materials, and the promotion such materials to be performed in spaces where European and American music is solely and traditionally presented.

Our wider mission is to positively contribute to the Latin American Music identities that are already well-known internationally, and especially in the US. We aim to accomplish that by adding another positive vector to such identities through the provision of a window where Latin American Classical Music is enhanced and in the front lines of the concert hall. To that end, we work to empower Latin American artists through offering platforms that will help connect the wider audiences with the classical music from Latin America. Our mission is directed to address the problem of representation in Western art music with an approach related to: ​1. The creation of catalogues that will contribute to the dissemination of information about the existing body of repertoire of works for stringed instruments of Latin America;

2. The creation of editions of works for strings written by Latin-American composers;

3. The creation of informative platforms that will inform the wider community about the work of Latin-American works, composers, performers, and our own work as promoters of Latin-American classical music.

We believe that our work will not only bring more exposure to artists from Latin America, but it will also help Latin Americans to find a voice within fields of art that have been traditionally dominated by European artists.

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